This is an example of a small simple doodle with no customization.

This was commissioned for a special needs girl who was going through a tough time. It really did a great job of cheering her up! She printed and colored it several times.

This was commissioned for a young boy who’s father had recently passed away. The phrase is something they used to talk about often. 

This was commissioned for a business that wanted to give them to their clients’ children as a thank you. 

This one is a full page (US Letter size) with the request to keep a more authentic pencil look. 

This was an Anniversary gift from a man who’s name started with a B to his wife who’s name started with G. The red is not present in the actual canvas art work. It is there to show how the B♡G was integrated into the piece.

This is a mixed media work of art on canvas in the same style centering on the heart shape. 

This was done for an incredible woman named Tina who began an organization that used the lemon logo pictured. The name of her husband, the word love, and many hearts (her favorite shape/symbol) were also incorporated.  

The Story

As all artists do, I love to doodle. I always doodle when I’m on hold or listening to a lecture, class, seminar, etc. I used to doodle all kinds of things, but since I started face painting, body painting and creating henna tattoos, I have been doodling more swirls, curls, shapes, flowers and mehndi-like designs. I like to have a starting point, even if it’s the lines or the hole on a piece of notebook paper. 

One day, a friend posted on her Facebook page an article stating that “Adult Coloring Books” were great for relaxation. I have been making “coloring pages” since my kids were little and I realized that my doodles would make great adult coloring pages. I started doing them by request based on a name, special phrase, shape, or even company logo for my art collectors. 

So, now I am offering my “doodles” as commissions. You can commission a small piece, digital and/or printed (3″ x 5″ card size) or any size up to a canvas with a painted background like the two pictured above. 

Please contact me to discuss details and pricing if you are interested in commissioning one!